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Webinar: Enginatics presents "How better tools simplify and Speed performance tuning"
Friday, March 29, 2019, 12:00am - 01:00pm

This session teaches how to acquire and use a free performance tuning tool set for Oracle EBS.   Based on Oracle AWR, we will show how these tools allow much quicker performance analysis and problem resolution than with Oracle's standard tools, Enterprise Manager and AWR HTML reports. We will walk through a performance audit, including an overall system configuration review (e.g. memory setup and IO figures), followed by a drill down into individual problematic SQLs (based on AWR and ASH data).

Also included in the session is an Excel pivot analysis of active session history data to quickly identify areas of concern. We will review information on specific user wait times, how many seconds a user spent running an SQL, and which Oracle EBS form or background program executed the problematic SQL. The analysis will also show if any application user or process blocked any other application user.

This Excel based performance analysis has consistently received very positive feedback for its speed and simplicity.  We look forward to sharing this tool with all who attend.

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